Tired of Taking Cold Showers?

We offer water heater repair services in Teaneck & Lodi, NJ

Hot water is a necessity for showering, washing your hands and doing laundry. If your old water heater is on the fritz, you could have trouble performing these basic household activities. Keep life at home simple and stress-free with help from Pete's Plumbing Repair, LLC. We provide fast and affordable water heater repair services in Teaneck & Lodi, NJ.

Our team is standing by if...

  • Your hot showers quickly turn cold
  • Your water pressure is lower than normal
  • Your drinking water is cloudy and discolored
  • Your water heater tank is covered with corrosion

If your water heater is beyond repair, we'll be glad to find a replacement that's within your budget. Contact us now to schedule water heater repair services.

Update your home with a new boiler or water heater

Looking to install a new boiler or water heater? Pete's Plumbing Repair is your go-to company for boiler and water heater installation services. You'll appreciate that we can install any brand, but our focus is solely on traditional water heaters and gas-fired boilers.

If you'd like to discuss your options or get the installation underway ASAP, we'll be happy to oblige. Give us a call to arrange for boiler or water heater installation services in Teaneck, Lodi, NJ or surrounding areas.